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All building projects require clear stable ground. Building on ground that is less than solid, compacted and level is dangerous and will cost more in the long run. Site preparation involves eliminating obstacles such as trees, debris, and old structures; creating access to the site, and reducing environmental impacts.

The environment is a major factor to consider in site work. Rainwater management solutions and erosion control are part of our service. At RE-SITE, we take great care to be good stewards of the environment. We focus on revitalization and restoring the functionality of a site.

Our site prep service includes safe and sustainable wastewater disposal systems. We also provide a reliable supply of clean water for your project’s needs.

Your building project is set up for success with the right kind of preparation. RE-SITE has the experience and expertise to provide a well-crafted stable ground for your project.

We work with commercial GCs, developers and real estate investment firms.

We give back by donating funds for projects and initiatives that elevate the community. Consideration of the community is part of our approach. We do everything we can to eliminate or minimize any inconvenience or hazard the site preparation might pose to the community.

The end goal is a community enhanced by the building project. It starts with our team embracing the value of good stewardship.

We believe in being good stewards of the environment. We won’t needlessly clear-cut a site. We are mindful to not remove natural resources, such as trees, that enhance a site.

Our team members are LEED certified. They are knowledgeable and experienced in strategies that focus on sustainability and that reduce the carbon footprint. They conserve rather than waste. That creates greater efficiency in site preparation.

RE-SITE is a turnkey service. You won’t find an easier, better way to conduct site preparation. Our team is composed of experts in their industries, all dedicated to the principles of sustainability and community care. They’ve been working together for years and have developed a seamless workflow.

Why does that matter? It makes a difference in:

  • How quickly you can start building.
  • The cost of the site preparation.
  • The quality of the ground. Our ground is not just prepped, it’s crafted.
  • The environment is regenerated and will enhance your building.
  • The community is satisfied and more likely to be an ally.
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